Infant Mental Health: Theory to Practice©

Reopening Child Care & Early Education Programs during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Infant & Early Childhood Mental Health Focused Best Practice Recommendations

At SPCC’s Mary Ellen Institute, we have been working closely with childcare staff and directors through our Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health training as well as our Reflective Supervision groups. We are learning more and more about the unique issues that this current pandemic has raised around the childcare sector. Due to our ever deepening commitment to “holding the baby in mind”, we couldn’t help but wonder how the many changes to the childcare setting and systems will impact infants and young children in their care. We have developed this infographic and tip sheet to support childcare staff and directors in thinking through how to best support the social-emotional health and development of the babies in their care, through relationships, in the context of this pandemic. Please contact us at to schedule a 1.5 hour zoom call to support you and your group in thinking through these best practice recommendations.


Leah Elliott, LCSW, IMH-E

IECMH Trainer and Consultant

Rhonda Walker, MSW

IECMH Trainer and Consultant

Beth Russell, LMSW

IECMH Trainer and Consultant

Samantha Colson, MSW, MS, IMH-E®

IECMH Trainer and Consultant

“Infant mental health” is defined as the healthy social and emotional development of a child from birth to 3 years; and a growing field of research and practice devoted to the promotion of healthy social and emotional development, prevention of mental health problems; and treatment of the mental health problems of very young children in the context of their families.
– Zero To Three

IMH Competencies Covered

SPCC’s Infant Mental Health Training© covers aspects of the following NYS Association for Infant Mental Health Endorsement® Competencies:

Theoretical Foundations

Law, Regulation & Policy

Systems Expertise

Direct Service Skills

Working with Others