TeenAge Parent Support Services (TAPSS)

Our Mission:

The TAPSS program partners with young parents as they discover the possibilities for their futures as individuals and parents, nurturing life skills and self-efficacy in the context of trusting and safe relationships.

Program Description:

TAPSS provides home-based, comprehensive and intensive supportive counseling and case management for any young parent (male or female, individually and as couples) who resides in Monroe County, is pregnant or parenting, and is under 22 years old. The services are highly individualized and provided in a relationship-based, trauma-informed and culturally responsive manner that highlights a partnership between the staff and the teen parent (s). Weekly support groups and periodic special group events including zoo trips, college tours, picnics, and holiday celebrations are an optional component.

TAPSS supports the teen parent family by offering services directed toward the teen parent’s personal development and goals, the teen parent/child relationship and the child’s health and developmental needs. Services that focus on the teen parent may include counseling and case management support with relationships, housing, finances, child care, education and employment, self-efficacy and personal goal setting. Services focusing on the parent-child relationship may include parent-child play activities and counseling with a focus on attachment as well as information and support to promote a full understanding of the relationship between child development and parenting strategies. Services directed to the child may include developmental screening, general health screening, and parent-child play/interaction experiences. Referrals often center on basic needs, child care, domestic violence, mental health counseling, early intervention, education and employment, housing and medical services.

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How to Refer

Referrals can be made easily in a number of ways!  Young parents can call or email the Program Supervisor inquiring about services for themselves or a helping professional can call or email over a completed Referral Form. If we are unable to provide the service for any reason, we will help figure out an alternative resource and support connection to that resource.

TAPSS Frequently Asked Questions

Who does TAPSS serve?

TAPSS serves young parents (age 21 and under) and their children who live within Monroe County. There are no other requirements and services are free of charge thanks to our generous funders.

How long do TAPSS services last?

On average, young parents receive 12 months of services – sometimes more and sometime less depending on the unique needs of each parent and family.

How long has TAPSS been in operation?

TAPSS has been serving teen parents in Monroe County since the early 90’s.

Internship Opportunities

Interested in finding out what an intern can expect from a placement in TAPSS? Click on the link to find a full description of the TAPSS program, a detailed list of what interns can expect & a list of qualities that the program is looking for in an intern.

Program Funders

Office of Children & Family Services (OCFS)

Partnering with the William B. Hoyt Memorial Children and Family Trust Fund (Trust Fund), OCFS has invested more than $63 million in state and federal funds to support services that foster healthy families. It is the Trust Fund’s priority to build partnerships with families, support the social and emotional well-being of children, and link families to critical resources that all New York families need to raise healthy children and positively contribute to their communities.

The Maternity and Early Childhood Foundation, Inc.

The Maternity and Early Childhood Foundation, Inc. is a not for profit organization in New York State that provides funds to community based agencies located in high need areas across New York State to serve low income expectant and new parents.

Monroe County Foster Care Prevention

Committed to contracting for the most effective, efficient, and accessible services for families whose children are at risk of placement out of the home.

The United Way of Greater Rochester

The United Way of Greater Rochester connects and supports a broad network of human service organizations, community initiatives and innovative strategies to address our most pressing local challenges with real, impactful solutions.

Community Partners

Department of Human Services

The Department of Human Services has as its goal a common sense human service delivery system that is comprehensive, responsive, coordinated and based on measurable results.  The department provides various forms of assistance to citizens of Monroe County including income support, medical assistance and comprehensive services designed to promote a higher quality of life for children, families and disadvantaged or elderly adults.

Parents as Teachers

Parents as Teachers promotes the optimal early development, learning, and health of young children by supporting and engaging their parents and caregivers. We advance the delivery of high-quality services for families through a comprehensive system of supports and innovative solutions.

NYS Association of Infant Mental Health

NYS Association of Infant Mental Health overall mission includes creating and supporting the development of a higher quality workforce in the Infant Mental Health Field. Endorsement® will recognize those who have specialized skills and training to work with infants, toddlers, preschoolers, their parents and other caregivers.

Rochester Monroe County Domestic Violence Consortium

A unified organization leading an inclusive, collaborative community response to domestic violence by promoting safety for victims, survivors and their families; ensuring offender accountability; and fostering community awareness.


Metro Council for Teen Potential (MCTP)

The Metro Council for Teen Potential (MCTP) is a coalition that unites the community behind proven best practices so that youth reach their full potential. MCTP promotes strength-based, evidence-based and coordinated strategies to foster youth development and encourage young people to make healthy choices and avoid unplanned pregnancy.


Dial 2-1-1 for free and confidential assistance connecting to vital services within the community. When you need help locating basic resources (like food, clothing, shelter) or need crisis stabilization for yourself or someone you know, we’re here to listen and here to help.
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TAPSS Testimonials

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Program Success Stories

SPCC Teenage Parent Support Services

Alicia’s Story

Homeless, pregnant, and alone; this is the beginning of the extraordinary story of Alicia. Although these arduous circumstances were present in her life, they did not stop this young girl from becoming a successful, independent woman.