Giving & Growing


SPCC’s Supervised Visitation Program would like to highlight Tanis Caine, who has been a volunteer with the program for almost two years. During her time with us, Tanis has provided one family in particular with constant support and kindness as they welcomed her in their journey toward family healing and growth. Through her dependability and flexibility, Tanis has proven to be a true asset to the program. Below are Tanis’ thoughts as she reflects on her experience volunteering in our program:

“My time as a volunteer with SPCC began in the fall of 2011. I was relatively new to the area and was seeking out a volunteer experience that would allow me to grow personally and professionally outside of my 9-5 work environment. I have volunteered and worked with various organizations that serve children over the years, including: a youth detention facility, after school and alternative to school programs. I wanted to expand upon my experience with troubled and underserved youths and after speaking with various people and looking online, I found SPCC. My time with the organization has been very fulfilling and I have been fortunate enough to follow the story of one family throughout my time here. Being able to learn about the challenges faced by the children, their parents, and their custodians, as well as the various legal and societal hurdles they face, has been an eye-opening experience. The empathy and understanding that the staff at SPCC displays towards these families shows that the people here are not just “doing their job” but are invested in these families lives, with the children’s best interests always in the forefront. I have carried this sense of dedication and involvement in to my own work outside of SPCC, and have found myself showing even more empathy and understanding towards those who are dealing with difficult and complex situations. I know that my time as a volunteer here has prepared me for my future career and life goals, and allowed me to grow in ways that I never imagined when I first signed up to volunteer. I am truly grateful for the experiences I have had at SPCC.”

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