Reflective Supervision/Consultation

The Mary Ellen Institute is honored to offer a host of monthly or bi-weekly Reflective Supervision/Consultation (RSC) groups for professionals across disciplines, working with or on behalf of infants, young children, and their families. Please note that individual RSC is also available. 

Mary Ellen Institute’s regularly scheduled RSC groups provide a physical and emotional space for discipline-specific professionals to explore together the intricacies of their relationship-based work with, and/or on behalf of children and families.  Led by skilled,  experienced, and NYSAIMH-endorsed Reflective Supervisors, these groups include a focus of considering multiple perspectives within and outside of the family system, holding the baby in mind, understanding the family story, parallel process, and the use of self.  Below is a non-exhaustive menu of groups currently being offered: 


Reflective Supervision/Consultation Groups for Direct Service Professionals 

    1. For licensed, or license-eligible professionals providing clinical intervention to infants, young children, and their families  
    2. For staff providing promotion and/or prevention work to children and families (e.g. parent educators, home visitors)


Reflective Supervision/Consultation Groups for IECMH Consultants

    1. For professionals providing Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation services primarily to infant, children, and family serving professionals and systems.


Reflective Supervision/Consultation Groups for Supervisors, Directors, and Leaders

    1. For those providing supervision and leadership over child-serving professionals and/or agencies. 


In addition to the focus of all RSC groups offered by Mary Ellen Institute, this group also has a particular focus on supporting staff development, providing space for staff to explore the meaning of their work, maintaining program standards, team functioning, and providing program leadership within their supervisory relationship. 


 Reflective Supervision/Consultation Groups for Advocates and Policy Makers  

    1. For community professionals engaged in policy development or advocacy (including legal advocacy) on behalf of young children and their families.


In addition to the focus of all RSC groups offered by Mary Ellen Institute, this group also has a particular focus on the intricacies of meeting infant and young children’s needs from a systemic and “numbers” standpoint, or for those who do not directly serve, supervise, or provide leadership. The group is supported in balancing the knowledge of significant needs of infants and young children including the impact of poverty and trauma with the impulse to act, fix, and repair while operating with the constraints and opportunities of funding, community capacity, and energy.