SPCC Trainings

Infant Mental Health: Theory to Practice

A ten-week, multidisciplinary training on the theory and practice of Infant Mental Health. Focus on attachment and psychodynamic theoretical foundations, reflective capacity, trauma, separations and loss, assessment, intervention and the social/emotional/attachment development from ages 0-3 years. Training is both didactic and reflectively experiential.

Training sessions are typically offered twice per year, with the first session beginning in the third week of January, the second session beginning the second week in July and the third session beginning the second week in September. The training meetings occur for ten consecutive Wednesdays from 9:30-11am in Rochester, NY. This results in 15 hours of face to face training and includes approximately 6 hours of independent learning (e.g.: assigned readings, learning exercises) outside of meeting times. Please note that Continuing Education Credits are not available for readings and learning activities.

Reflective Supervision/Consultation Learning Collaborative

This Reflective Supervision/Consultation Learning Collaborative is a comprehensive, experientially based, small group training for supervisors and administrative leaders in the field of infants, young children and families. Through a balance of Reflective Learning Intensive days, monthly Reflective Supervision Groups, sharing of collective group knowledge, and ongoing support, participants will experience how to implement and provide reflective supervision within their programs while simultaneously, receiving reflective consultation themselves by qualified, experienced reflective supervisors/consultants. This learning collaborative is also designed to provide infant/early childhood program supervisors and leaders with much of the training and experience needed to pursue Infant Mental Health (IMH) Endorsement.

Through five Reflective Learning Intensive days, and seven Reflective Supervision/Consultation group experiences, this Learning Collaborative will provide a solid foundation of the theory and practice of Reflective Supervision. It will include a blend of training and reflective practice, and provide ample space for the group to combine its collective wisdom, learning from each other.
This LC will include a small amount of reading and reflective practice exercises outside of our meetings times. Please note that Reflective Supervision/Consultation group experiences, outside readings and reflective practice exercises outside of the Learning Intensive Days will not count for CE Credits.