Kenya Malcolm, PhD, IECMH-E®, Infant Family Specialist (Co-Facilitator) Kenya’s doctoral degree was earned in Clinical Psychology from The University of Arkansas. Over the last 15 years, Kenya has worked across a wide range of settings that provide developmental and mental health services to children including inpatient, day treatment, preschools, private practice, and primary care clinics. In addition to being a trainer/ consultant with the MEI, Kenya currently works as a clinician, supervisor, and Director of Infant and Early Childhood Initiatives at the University of Rochester Medical Center in the Department of Psychiatry. The two related limbs of her work are

  1. Integrated care, ensuring that children and families have access to behavioral and mental health services in their pediatric office.
  2. Workforce support, ensuring that adults from all disciplines that work with young children and their families have appropriate training and supervision. She enjoys working with professional leaders to advance the field, ensure fidelity, and increase capacity.

In 2020, Kenya was invited to become one of four IECMH experts across New York State to become a member of the Early Childhood Endorsement Leadership cohort. An additional passion of Kenya’s is community engagement, literacy, and creative expression. She uses her free time to promote reading and volunteer with non-profit agencies in various ways.