Recognizing two dedicated SPCC staff who inspire us daily…

By Laurie Valentine, Vice President of Programs at SPCC

SPCC is fortunate to have many skilled and dedicated staff who work tirelessly to support children and families. This culture of sincere passion and genuine commitment to the families we serve has made me proud to be a part of SPCC for over 20 years. While we respect and appreciate all of the wonderful work done by staff at SPCC, we would like to recognize two people who have gone above and beyond by putting in extra time and bringing their enthusiasm, commitment and caring attitude to the work they do every day.

Sarah Fitzgibbons, MA, LMHC, MT-BC joined SPCC just over a year ago as the Clinical Director. As such, she provides clinical guidance to the Family Trauma Intervention Program, Teen Age Parent Support Services and the Supervised Visitation Program as well as assisting with overall agency leadership. Her fresh perspective, innovative ideas and mindfulness have been an inspiration not only to SPCC but to the community as we explore new ways to better meet the needs of families. Sarah reminds us all of what is truly important and remains clearly focused on how to best meet the needs of children. Her intelligence, hard work, determination and passion motivate all of us to work harder and with greater integrity.

Jessica Brumbaugh, LMSW is SPCC’s Evaluation and Program Director has been with SPCC for over 12 years. During this time she has provided  exceptional counseling and social work services, supervised several programs,  skillfully prepared grants, developed new programs and has overseen all of SPCC’s evaluation and outcome reporting to ensure that our  programs are of the highest quality. She has consistently demonstrated flexibility and a willingness to do whatever is needed to support SPCC’s mission. Jess can be counted on to go above and beyond in everything she does with compassion, honesty, and great attention to detail.   Although much of her recent work has focused on evaluation and reporting, she has never lost sight of the human factors; continually reminding us of the best interests of families and the challenges our staff face every day.

Together Sarah and Jess have become a powerful team and a valued part of leadership here at SPCC.  They have developed a fresh new website, greatly strengthened our use of social media, integrated best clinical practice and current research into programming and reinforced a deep sense of respect and integrity into the culture of SPCC.

On behalf of all of SPCC, thank you Sarah and Jess for your hard work, care and commitment.

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