SPCC Endorses the Greater Rochester Black Agenda Group’s Declaration that Racism is a Public Health Crisis

SPCC supporters, colleagues, and participants,

Our country and our community are in crisis.  Racism is insidious, dangerous, and is killing Black People.  Now is not the time for silence.  As an organization that supports and protects children and families, many of whom are BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color), we must loudly say that Black Lives Matter.   

SPCC’s commitment to equity is unwavering and we firmly believe that promoting racial equity demonstrates genuine care and protection for all children and families at the most fundamental level.  As such, we fully and publicly endorse the Greater Rochester Black Agenda Group’s (BAG) Declaration that RACISM IS A PUBLIC HEALTH CRISIS. 

Equity is central to our agency’s values and mission. We are deeply committed to partnering with our community to repair, heal, and grow into a place where diversity is valued, equity is ensured, the inherent worth of all individuals is honored, and where social justice prevails.   SPCC will use its’ collective voice and platform to interrupt racism whenever encountered through reflective and trauma-informed practices, cultural humility, and tenacious action for the well-being of all.  

We know that equity work demands internal agency reflection and thoughtful changes to inequitable policies, practices and communications—explicit and implicit. We welcome difficult conversations and commit to listening and learning. Through a regular examination of the values, implicit biases, policies, and practices that make up our community as well as our agency culture, we will strive to be an institution that mobilizes, rather than restrains health, healing, and equity for children and families.

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